Flashmob in 10 Tracks

“We Aspire to Inspire, A lifetime committed to sound design and to being part of the electronic music evolution: Flashmob in 10 Records”.

I think we’ve all had enough of the prefabricated pre-COVID faking SUPERSTAR Dj bullshit talk .. Here is my truth. The story of my productions is all to do with my personal life, how I am evolving as a human being and person, my dreams, aspirations and failures that have got me to this point.


You cannot set goals without knowing at what point you are in your life and whom you really are .., and you cannot know whom you are if you don’t face yourself .. to face yourself you have to be humble in the acceptance of your weekneses facing your fears ..  once you do that then you know you are: let’s call it point A and you can then establish a goal to reach a certain point B; you then plan what you are going to do and how you are going to do it .. believing in yourself and accepting that you might have to try several times every step of your way before you succeed .. I’m still in this process as we speak and I’m not afraid to admit it .. I’m fighting against myself to be a better version of myself .. this makes me happy and enables me to be a better father, husband and producer.

The chip is off my shoulder. I really feel that putting meaning in what we do makes a difference; I used to do meaningful tracks .. trying to have success … wrong .. music is about expressing a feeling and without that it’s something.


That will be forgotten immediately .. the real success is having the courage to be your real version of yourself .. the music is only a consequence of the happiness that generates 
Here are ten records that have really meant something to me and that have been steps in this ongoing journey:


Flashmob in 10 Tracks