Q&A with the Toolroom Guys

It’s interesting to see how the most difficult challenges in life often lead to the answers to all our questions and to the solutions to all our problems; sometimes everything seems to be finished and in reality, if you look at it the right way it might only be the beginning of what you always dreamt of: “If the answer is you and the question is me, now I wanna see if we can move Closer” .. these lyrics couldn’t be more spot on to describe what is happening right now to all of us .. and we can all change the world starting from ourselves. The way we treat ourselves has a lot to do with how we treat others .. what we expect from ourselves has a lot to do with what we expect from others so by changing our internal discourse we can really change the way we relate to each other.


It’s hard to find the right answers in life but are we really asking the right questions? It’s hard to put in words a lifetime fighting to improve there one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning and then the world stopping and the music industry on its knees  .. it’a a new challenge for all of us and and here is how I got to this moment, how I started listening to music, buying it and eventually Djing on the best stages around the world .. In many years of interviews I’ve never offered such a detailed and transparent story of my life in Music and out of it .. I really feel my hole life has started again.



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